Davenport Public Library

Angela Meyer Holiday Music

A storyteller with a passion for her listeners, Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and brutal honesty. She knows what it means to be out in the audience, as her earliest memory is dancing in a smoky tent while her mama sang on stage at the Iowa State Fair. Even before she could talk, Angela sang along with the radio and listened to the record player in her grandparent’s home. They introduced her to country music and gave her a guitar for Christmas. Compared to her 10 year old self, the guitar was so large she laid it flat across her lap to learn three chords. Angela has never strayed far from those three chords and the truth, finally picking up the guitar to accompany her songwriting at 15. Music has always been her favorite escape, and at just 16 years old she landed her first paid gig to start sharing her songs from the stage. 

Angela is taking her lifetime dream of being a country music artist and turning it into her lifestyle. Her goal is to make music her career and help people along the way. Currently, she is gearing up to get into the studio to create her new album to be released early 2018. She performs live shows around the Midwest and posts videos to her YouTube (www.youtube.com/angelacmeyer) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/angelameyer23) every Thursday. 
"I write songs for empty rooms and broken hearts in hopes to fill them up." 

Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Main Library